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Carey Waters ~ Transformational Guide and Caretaker of the Andaras

Distance Healing

 Carey's healings are equally effective at any distance (even internationally), as it is in person., with the added benefit of being in the comfort of your own home !  When doing a distance healing session, the person/client might be lying down and know that the session is happening, or they might not as they are busy doing something.

Do you need to be aware your receiving a healing session?

No. The person/client does not need to know about the healing session in order for it to be effective. Permission does not need to be granted by the person/client because you are working the Universal Healing Frequencies that do no harm and can only help or assist someone in their life. 

Who can it help?

It can help you and your family in so many different ways Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Sometimes you may not have a remedy or solution to the problem, or for example, a loved one you want to help, but don’t want them to know as they wouldn’t accept your help anyway. Then Healing can help them. The person/client does not even need to believe in Healings, it will work regardless.

If it is difficult to meet in person or you are uncomfortable with what it is that is wrong with you. Then you may find Distance healing more comfortable.

How is it done?

Lie down for 30 min. somewhere you won't be disturbed . You don't need to go into meditation or try to blank your mind or focus on a positive outcome, as this may interfere with the healing process. Just close your eyes and relax and allow for the frequency to arrive. Whenever you feel a sensation take your mind there . 

You may feel physical sensations, or emotions, or just feel very relaxed. How much feel during  a session doesn't have any bearing on the healing that takes place. The healing frequencies continue working with you long after the session is over. You may wish to sleep for a short while after the session, although it is better not to sleep during the session if possible. You don't want to miss out on your experience !

If the client knows about the session, then it can be arranged for the session to occur at a mutually agreeable time. They can chose a time and place when they can rest, lie down, or be in a quiet space in order to experience the sensations of the Healing Frequencies.

How long is the session ?

As with a session done in person, the actual time with the healing frequencies is about a half an hour. Carey will contact the client at the beginning of the agreed upon time, get off the phone, and then do the session. When the session is over, Carey will phone the client again and debrief the experience as if they are having the session in person.

What if they don’t know?

If the client does not know about the session, and it is being arranged by someone else, Carey will do the session and then inform the person who arranged the session when it is complete.

Do the effects last?

Once a healing has occurred the majority of people “own” their healing, it is permanent and won't wear off and you don’t need to come back for "Tune -ups"
It is important to note that, while I cannot guarantee what the outcome of your healing session will be, you will receive the most appropriate healing even if it is not what you anticipated. When you receive a healing, you have that healing for life. 
How many sessions ?
1-3 sessions is recommended.

Distant Healing Fee is $ 75

Place : Anywhere on the Earth