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Carey Waters ~ Transformational Guide and Caretaker of the Andaras

Fire Walk Workshops

Inner fire is the core of our being, our unique ray of light.

Being in communion with our inner fire brings a sense of purpose, peace, and connection to the sacred. 

It is also the key to clearing the blocks which stop us from creating our best life. 

Explore how to creatively move past the obstacles and fears that block your inner fire from shining brightly in the world.

Learn how to…

  • Listen more deeply to your inner self
  • Access your innate wisdom
  • Use the four elements to bring balance to your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual being

 Even if you simply participate as an observer, it is a powerful, liberating experience which you will never forget!


One of the first things we learn is that fire burns.

But when you first see someone walk on fire, or you walk yourself, this fundamental law shatters, and suddenly the world is full of new of possibilities.

If it’s not true that fire burns all the time, what else that you have been telling yourself might also not be true?

This is the gift and lesson of fire walking: by challenging our beliefs we open up our perspective and begin to take responsibility for creating something more expanded and powerful with our lives.

By stepping into the fire, we prove to ourselves once and for all that we have much greater power than we ever believed possible.

The Fire Walk is an amazing experience you will not want to miss!